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The routine of most men is work, eat, and sleep. Whether you have taken note or not this type of schedule may have adverse effects on the body. Persistent and untreated stress, tense muscles and lack of relaxation could wear down the male body both mentally and physically. Fortunately men, these symptoms can be can be eased by a single massage session. One 2010 study in Sweden found that massage significantly reduced men's heart rates, cholesterol and insulin levels which helps to lower stress.

San Jose Massage therapy for men has been shown to alleviate tension, relieve back and neck pain, reduces the heart rate and improve athletic performance. A 2009 study recorded in the Clinical Journal of Pain, found that men with severe neck pain reported a 55% improvement following a ten week neck massage. While men who have persistent back pain, were reported to experience relief after receiving the common massage techniques. Asian Massage San Jose CA can help you relax. It can trigger an endorphin release which raises pain your threshold. 

San Jose massage services offer a range of massaging techniques to relax your body and soothe your aching muscles (for who require relaxation and stress relief therapies). Whether you require a calming and light touch or a more thorough treatment, we always have a service that will suit your needs. In thoughtfully created surroundings complete with soothing music, pleasant aromas, and soft lighting, allow your body to enjoy the benefits of just one day at massage San Jose. Targeted towards men, we are certified to offer the best form of Asian massage San Jose has to offer this includes a broad variety of services to soothe your body, relax your soul, and calm your spirit. Just allow us to take you to a new sphere of relaxation.

You will leave feeling rejuvenated and distressed...guaranteed!